This Page features a collection of links to pages dealing with miniatures, tabletop games and miniature painting. If you have a suggestion for another link or are interested in a link exchange, jut email me.

Links to Miniature Pages:

Die Miniaturenansichten Figurenausstellung in Witten. Auch meine Miniaturen werden dort zu sehen sein, ebenso wie viele andere erstklassig bemalte Miniaturen.
A nice page with great painted minis made by Holger Schmidt.
Eine Webseite über Void, das Tabletopspiel von I-Kore. Bietet immer aktuelle und Interessante Informationen. Deutschsprachig
A great Webpage about miniature painting. Home of the Visions-Showcase and Figmentia symptoms. Worth a visit any time. English
Hot Lead
A great page featuring very good tutorials about painting techniques and an impressive gallery. English
Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic
An extensive site with many interesting articles about painting miniatures. English
Caution Wet Paint
Another interesting Site with many tutorials about painting techniques. English
An interactive gallery where people can post their own mini pictures and share comments on them. Great for inspiration. English Deutschsprachig

Links to Miniature Companies and Shops:

Tellurian Games
A German shop that stocks a wide range of miniatures and other games for very low prices. Deutschsprachig
The company that produces the Void and Celtos tabletop game and miniatures. Features free downloads of their tabletop rules and a growing gallery. English
Reaper Miniatures
This company produces a wide Range of miniatures. Definitely worth a look. English
This Company produces a great range of LOTR Miniatures, and they have been doing so for many years. Their miniatures have a very elegant and unique style. English
Masquerade Miniatures
A very small range of very good miniatures produced by Stefan Niehues. English
Another exclusive Range of excellent Miniatures produced by Werner Klocke. Deutschsprachig