Mage Knight Repaints

Mage Knight Miniatures come out of their boosters prepainted. Which basically means that some poor chinese worker-slave has slapped some paint on them. Makes them look quite awful to anyone familiar with even slightly advanced standards.
Surprisingly, underneath that awful paint job, there are some great miniatures which, given a new coat of paint, may actually look good.
The repaints featured here were mostly done in a (for me) basic style for use in games, not for shows. Compared to their original color though, they shine!

Click on the thumbnails to view the full picture.

Alsyn vale Amazon Mancatcher Animated Mud Armored Skeleton Gargoyle Grave Robber
Immortal Fanatic Krugg Heaver Krugg Thug Lord Owen Lurker Potbellied Gremlin
Priestess Wylune Rancid Bloodsucker Ranger Rivenguard Satyr (Red) Satyr (Yellow)
Sislith Bladesman Skeleton Archer Slasher Soul Stealer Vermin Plinker cryptworm
halftroll Orc Shaman